Durango BOtanical Society

Building Public Gardens Committed to Demonstration and Education

There 's still enough time to join the Docents. Training starts April 8th.

If you have trouble downloading and filling out this application please contact Jenny and she will e mail the application to you. You may also pick up a copy of the application at the library in the DBS Bookcase in the library.

You may download this file   2017 Docent application.docx

Or you may copy and paste to your own word program.

Application process:  Complete this form and return to Jenny nedergaard the Docent Coordinator

Prospective Docents who wish to continue with training must be available on April 8 and 22, and May 6 from 9:00 – 3:00.  Please mail completed application to:  

Jenny Nedergaard, 2232 Mockingbird Valley Ct., Durango, 81301.   

Please contact Jenny with any questions at dbsdocents@gmail.com


“Committed to the design and development of public gardens

 throughout Southwest Colorado 

for the purposes of education and demonstration.”


Candidate Name __________________________________________________________

Mailing Address___________________________________________________________

City________________________ State____________  Zip_______________

Home Phone____________________  Cell phone_______________ Work phone_________

Email address____________________

Current position/employer__________________________________________________

Are you available for DBS activities on __________weekdays  _____________weekends?

How did you hear about the Docent program?__________________________________________


Please feel free to expand your answers to the following by attaching a resume, personal profile, brief statement or additional pages.

Describe your educational background and any special training that you have completed such as Master Gardener, or special skills such as a foreign language



Describe your experience in volunteer programs, or non-profit Board experience, if applicable




Describe prior or current experience serving as a Docent, if any



Describe any experience as an educator (formal or informal)



I feel comfortable with the following technologies:

Email_______ Word Processing_________ Simple spreadsheet________ PowerPoint_________

Facebook_________  Website or other graphic design___________  Smartphone or IPad____________

I am a PC user__________  MAC user____________ Both_______________

Why are you interested in serving as a Docent for the Durango Botanical Society?



Areas of Interest: (check any that apply)

Job descriptions will be given at orientation and training and you may revise your choices before you sign up.  Some areas overlap. Docents are expected to be familiar with all aspects of the Docent program.

_____Leading tours of the Library Demonstration Garden

_____Event planning support (Gardens on Tour event, Spring Membership event, guest speakers, Bulb    Sale, hands-on workshops)

_____Plant selection, evaluation, data collection and reporting

_____ DBS Historian and photography assistance

_____Garden maintenance, coordination for Weeding Days

_____ Library lobby display

_____Technology support (website, communications and membership)

_____ Working with school groups as needed

Summary of requirements for being a Docent for the Durango Botanical Society:

  • 1.      Maintain a membership in the Durango Botanical Society, $30 per year
  • 2.      Complete the orientation class or a personal interview, AND attend all three training sessions
  • 3.      Commit to a two-year time period.
  • 4.      Serve 20 hours of volunteer time per year and keep records of volunteer hours
  • 5.      Participate on the Leadership Team for one special event or project per year (examples: Gardens on Tour, Garden Maintenance, Spring Membership Event,  Library display, Bulb Sale)

I agree to all of the above requirements.  _______________initials _____________date


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